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A Different Kind of Bucketlist

I know I am a little bit late as it is nearing the end of January 2013, but I needed some time to properly think about my 2013 Bucket List and in the interim I had some wonderful people challenge my current thoughts and ask me ‘What do I want from 2013’ – it is not as easy to answer as one would think.

When everybody is writing about what they want from 2013 and how they will fulfil their own resolutions, bucket lists, new found pathways and lifestyles, my resolutions, bucket lists whatever you want to call them… this year for me will come from those around me. Without these incredible people in my world I wouldn’t be feeling as positive, satisfied and fulfilled as I am going into 2013.

These are my resolutions and the people whom have influenced them –


1 – Just say YES! Compliments of my Mum and Dad.
I have been a little hesitant to get back into the ‘dating world’ and I must admit since moving interstate my taste in men has certainly changed. I will admit at times I am quick to judge and 99% of the time I am attracted to similar men – I have weakness for tall, handsome athletes. Before you jump to any conclusions, I do not have a desire to be a ‘WAG’, it is more so being attracted to someone who demonstrates passion and commitment to something they so clearly love, which is what I admire.
So this year, I will say Yes to the men who may not represent everything I desire.
I will say Yes and give those a chance, whom I may have brushed off in the past.
Regardless of my routine in life, I will say Yes to a drink, dinner, lunch-absolutely anything and anyone (with some exceptions) and have a little fun…who knows what will come from it. For me saying Yes is taking a chance, I would’nt usually take.

2 – I will open my heart and mind to new things, new people, and love and learn to just be present in life! Compliments of my wonderful friend Tina-Marie
I will talk more about Tina-Marie over the new few weeks and the powerful influence she will forever have in my life – but for now it is what she has taught me going into this year.
I sat down with Tina-Marie whilst back home in Adelaide and I realised, whilst I may have all these future goals and things I want to achieve, I was too scared worrying about all the ‘what-if’s’ to actually be present in my own life.
This year, I will stop – relax – and meditate. I will appreciate the love I have around me. I will accept that to find external happiness, I need to find it within myself first.
Instead of worrying about what others think, or guarding my own heart because of past experiences I will be present and grateful for every situation and every person I meet along my journey, for there is something to learn from each of them.
This year, I will not rush through life worrying about what is next. This year I will be present.

3 – I will take control in my career. I will set career goals and develop steps to achieve them.

Instead of racing to the top, I will planning, talk and goal set.
It is not about taking advice and criticism personally, it is about taking it on board and making it a positive experience and one that will benefit you.
I vow to focus on my career, take chances and use every opportunity I can to develop both personally and professionally to be where I need and want to be by 2014.

4 – Listen, learn and accept that distance does not mean friendships disappear. To my wonderful girl friends back home.
I am truly so blessed to have 12 inspiring, intelligent and beautiful women as my girl friends. Whilst we may not always be in the same state, or even see each other as much as we want or plan to, they will forever be the women who inspire me.
I will walk about them more soon, however let me introduce them – Alice, Julia, Emily, Kat, Leah, Rhi, Ana, Ash, Alecia, Emily, Jum and Jade.
The biggest struggle moving interstate was not being able to see these girls. I took in personally when I didn’t get a call or message back, or when they were just too busy – this was getting me down and I needed to stop.
I have accepted that whilst some friendships may change with age, life, marriage and children. The friends who truly love and cherish your friendship are always there.
This year, I will not take it so personally when my girls are not present in my life. However, I will make more of an effort to call and message and find out what they are doing and how each of their lives are. This I will not give up on. I will cherish and nature these friendships. I will accept that with age and time friendhsips will change, but not disappear.

5 – Healthy Mind and Body – to my wonderful new friend, Sam
Sam has been my wonderful ray of sunshine coming into the New Year. Sam has the sweetest, kindest heart a girl could ever know, coupled with the cheekiness and spunk every Sydney girl needs.
Sam has shown me to have a healthy body is to have a healthy mind.
It is not about sweating the small stuff, it is about enjoying what we are achieving, reaching our goals and having fun.
To Sam, this year I promise to support you, as much as you do me in fulfilling our fitness goals!

sam gym and I

6 – To my mum’s partner Damo for giving me the best advice any single girl could ask for!
I will forever have a special bond with this man. I have so much respect for the person he is both professionally and personally.
Last year Damo said to me, as I was painting my nails and picturing the perfect date outfit – The best thing a girl can wear is a smile. You will always remember and be attracted to the happy girl, who is smiling’ .
This is my new motto going into 2013 – be happy and smile and all the other things will follow.

7 – Siblings – Sam (Boo), Belle, Tim and Lisa
To my beautiful family, whilst we are spread over the world and country, I want to let you all know – regardless of some differences at times (Lisa), that I love you and I am forever proud of you all.
I want to learn more about you as people and how I can be a better sister to you all.

blog bg 3 d

So, to 2013 I have never been more excited for you to really begin.
To my wonderful inspirations I am ready to show you just how magical life can be and how resolutions don’t need to be about you, but more so about what you can take from the people around you to make you a better person in 2013.

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